Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear!

General Questions

How much do you charge?

With so many different homes and so many different ways people like to have cleaned, pricing cleaning services can get messy. We try our best to give an accurrate estimate over the phone or online. But sometimes the price can change once we get into the home. Sometimes we over estimate and give the client a discount! But we never charge you for something we didn’t get your permission to do. We stay very competitive with the franchised cleaning services in our area.
We really do our best to be fair for everyone.

How or why did you start your cleaning business?

It all started in 2017. Miranda had been just let go from an extremely stressfull and dead end job. She had the idea to start cleaning house for some side money to help the family. Thinking it would just be something small to do before finding another job. And before her and her husband Chris knew it, she was becoming very busy. Turns out there are lots of people who do not like to clean! So with Chris having some business, graphics designing, and IT background, he rushed to file the important business documents and other technical booking and things needed. And then Sparkle Queen Cleaning Services, LLC was born.

Does your business have liability insurance, etc?

Absolutely! We are bonded and insured. We are a Limited Liability Company currently for the state of Kentucky only. Our Sparkle Queen Crown logo has even been nationaly registered as our official trademark. We have invested in this company! Currently cleaning companies in kentucky are not required to have any licenses.

Will I be having strangers come to my house to clean?

Not at all. We wouldn’t want some stranger coming to our house, why should we expect you to! We want to bring that personal and truthworthy service to your home. We will never just send someone to your home that you do not know and therefore cannot trust.

How long does a cleaning take?

We live by the code “Quality over quantity”. We never rush through a job, but I’m sure you do not want us there all day either. Sometime clients ask us to work a couple hours one day, then finish up the next. We try to be as flexible as possible. Sometimes depending on our schedule we can have just one cleaner at your home, or we may have three. This is one reason why we do not bill hourly. The job time can vary, but we make sure you get the very best cleaning service and work around your busy life!

Do you supply your own tools and cleaning products?

Yes. Unless specified by you. We use the latest tools and powerful eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

What makes your company different than the others?

We care. Our cleaners actually enjoy cleaning. And we treat them well too. Happy employees means a better work ethic. We are very thorough with are work. Our clients tell us all the time how amazing their house looks when we are done. We are personal. We take the time to get to know our clients. They don’t become an invoice number. They become like an extension of our famly. This came from the owner, Miranda’s medical background. Caring for others, helping people in their home while they were sick. We want to make sure to give that some kind of peronal care in our services.

Are you expensive?

No, but are very transparent in saying that we are not the cheapest either. Quite a few of our clients originally used cheaper alternatives for a cleaning service. Whether it was someone from Facebook, or Yelp, or Thumbtack, they were never satisfied with the results. We strive to stay competively lower than the typical big name cleaning companies. We want to give a professional cleaning experience, without the heavy bill!

When am I charged for the service?

You are not charged until after the cleaning has been completed.

Are there any contracts?

No, you can cancel service within 48 hours without any penalties. You don’t have to commit to any contracts or pre-determined number of appointments.

How many cleaners do you send?

Only one cleaner is usually sent to your home. But it can honestly depend on how busy our schedule gets. But your will NEVER get a stranger!

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