There are so many cleaning companies to choose from. Why would you make the decision to hire our team to clean your home or office?

Our company was founded on the decision to put the client first and foremost. Without you, there would be no Sparkle Queen. Our team makes sure we treat your home or office even better than what we would treat ours. In our line of work, the little details matter. We clean areas most people don’t even think of. We also make sure we are dependable and work with your schedule.

We are always looking for the best cleaning products that will cut the grime in your home. At the same time keeping it safe for the environment of your home and your fur babies or those kiddos that are running around. At times we may need to use more potent cleaners if a tough job requires it, unless you specify otherwise.

Our cleaning services are quick but efficient without cutting corners. When we are finished, we make sure your home or office smells fresh and clean and looks the part. We can also focus our services for whatever area you are most concerned. Just so we make sure your cleaning needs are met.

We are not and will never be just another cookie cutter cleaning company. We want to make the cleaning experience stress free and have you come home feeling like it was all worth it. We want to be helpful to you and make your life easier.

If we say we’re going to be there, we will be, unless it starts to snow a blizzard out of nowhere, it is Kentucky you know. We will contact you if we are running behind or will need to reschedule.

We are also bonded and insured so you can be rest assured you are hiring a company that is honest, dependable, and detailed.

Because of you, we are Sparkle Queen Cleaning Services, LLC.

Serving Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas.

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