Our Pricing

Would you rather have cheap, low quality service? Or would you rather pay a little extra and get great quality service?

We will be flat our honest and state that we are NOT the cheapest cleaning service around. So, if your looking for a “cheap fix” to your cleaning needs and do not care about quality, then we are not your answer.

With that being said, we are NOT the most expensive either. Since we are a locally family owned company, we do not have much overhead like your big franchise companies do. So we can offer great quality service then those other companies. We focus on quality rather than quantity to make sure your not only extremely happy with our services, but you will use use time and time again and tell others.

Since every single job can be different, it is very hard to have a constant price locked down. You may call us and say that you have a two bedroom, two bathroom, 1000 sqft apartment. That doesn’t sound like a big job, so it shouldn’t be that expensive, right? Wrong. We have seen on multiple occasions where some of the smallest homes required the most elbow grease and time to make it shine like new again.

We typically quote high simply because most people just don’t realize just how dirty their home is. We have clients all the time tell us they could not believe the difference we made in their home. From having their kitchens, bathrooms look like new again, to having a new fresh smell. But, if we quote high, but the job ends up not being so bad, we will cost the cost. We are not here to scam you out of your hard earned money.

We want to be as transparent and fare as possible. We live by that golden rule of “Treat others as you would want to be treated”.

If all of this sounds fantastic to you then give us a call at 502-612-5166 to discuss your needs and see if we can help!